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Organic Community Marketing

What is community marketing?

Community marketing comes in many forms. Today we explored how to organically grow your business by connecting people and purpose in support of your mission.

Randy lead a discussion on the philosophy of Community Marketing. He described community as ‘synergy from shared experience’ that unites People, Place, and Purpose.

Donna talked about the resources to consider when building a community for your product or service, and building the strategy and tactics to guide your community development. She talked a lot about membership sites and teaching a course, along with lots of other great ideas. Here is a link to download her PDF:

I mentioned that I’m reading the book, “The Business of Belonging – How to Make Community your Competitive Advantage” by David Spinks.

No presentations for next week, instead we’ll have an open discussion to help you overcome the obstacles that limit your success. RSVP for our next meeting¬†happening on Wednesday, June 9th at 9am PST.


FYI, Here’s a link to today’s Meetup Event.


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