About - Suzanne Harrison, Website Designer

You're different.

People want that. Your difference is your strength.

I'm different too.

As an independent web designer in a competitive Seattle market, I understand how challenging it is to manage and grow your small business. That’s why my approach is all about personalization. I want to get to know you and what makes you extraordinary – so I can create a north star for designing an amazing website that both you and your clients will love. I want your business to thrive, and I want your website working hard for you!

Est. 2012

After years of big company website work I’ve been happily working for myself, designing and building websites since 2012.

Visual Communicator

Ideas are best communicated beyond words and that is the power of your website. (And it’s why I love to draw.)

Creative Geek

I’m a programmer who went to art school. As a designer and coder I’m very comfortable using both sides of my brain.

Home Sweet Home

I love living in Seattle and supporting its businesses. I really want my clients to feel at home with their brand and website.

What does that mean for you?

An Efficient Process

My goal is to minimize the time you need to spend working on your new website and maximize your ability to make an impact right away.

Extraordinary Clarity

We start with the DIG, so you immediately receive clarity on your messaging, your values, and the best way forward even before starting the website.

My Full Attention

I build out one website at a time, so you get my full attention.


I’m also a locally owned and operated small business. I’m a company of one, bringing in the right experts if needed.

A Great Website!

You get a great website that shows the world your value, and we have fun building it.

Updates & Maintenance

I’ll take care of keeping your website updated, secure, and optimized with my hosting & maintenance plan.

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