My work and my background

Some of my latest work

Blackbird Iron WordPress Web Design

Blackbird Iron

After being in business for almost 10 years, Blackbird Iron needed to update their site to showcase their impressive portfolio of beautiful custom ironwork, as well as improve their search engine rankings, and ensure the site looked great on all devices and screen sizes.

Stand Up Floats Project

Stand Up Floats

The owner of Stand Up Floats needed an on-line store that reflected his brand, was easy to navigate, and integrated with Amazon Web Services, to sell his fun and unique inflatable creatures that attach to your Stand Up Paddleboard.

ARC Dance Project

Arc Dance

The director of this dance company and ballet school needed a new site that was easy to navigate, easy to maintain, responsive to all devices and screen sizes, and included well organized information about camps, classes, schedules, performances, and events. She also needed an e-commerce solution for on-line registration, ticket sales and donations.

Hearthstone Project


Hearthstone, a real estate investment company, needed some design help. They needed their site to reflect their brand by presenting clear messaging, beautiful photos of their homes, consistent colors and fonts, simple navigation, and responsiveness to all screen sizes.
Howard Z Freeman Contractor Project

H Z Freeman Construction

The owner of this construction company wanted a clean and modern website that showcased his company’s experience in creating beautiful spaces, for both residential and commercial clients, with the ability to easily update his portfolio of work.
Lobular Breast Care Alliance Project


The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance is an organization that is creating a network of patients, clinicians, and researchers, with the goal of advancing the prevention and treatment of this unique form of breast cancer. This dynamic site is maintained by the founders, and is updated regularly with information about events, clinical trials, and research. Just after launching, hundreds of visitors subscribed.
Crown Hill Urban Village Project

Crown Hill Urban Village

To accommodate Seattle’s population explosion, neighborhoods are being re-zoned. The purpose of this site is to keep people living “in the zone” informed about upcoming changes, and get them involved in advocating for smart growth. Subscribers receive newsletters that contain news, alerts, and upcoming events. Members of the Committee for Smart Growth are able to maintain the site themselves and the site receives hundreds of visitors daily.
New Finishes Project

New Finishes, Inc.

The owners of this metal painting and finishing company, whose clients are mostly contractors, wanted to update their site with a fresh look and feel, that showcased the variety of finishes they provide (through the use of images and galleries), emphasized their expertise, rendered well on all screens and devices, with the ability to easily add new images to their galleries. ​
Uscan Project


The goal of this landing page is to generate leads by providing valuable information about the Uscan ultra-sound scanner, in return for filling out a pop-up form with contact information.
Suzanne Harrison Home Project

Suzanne Harrison Home

This is my personal site and on-line store where I sell my handmade products. The goal of this site is to showcase and sell my work, and build loyal customers who like unique, fun, and earth-friendly products. It integrates with social media, and allows visitors to sign up for newsletters notifying them of new products, events, and promotions.

“Keep it simple, but significant.”
– Don Draper

My Story

Life is funny, isn’t it?

I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up – a clown, a flight attendant, an interior designer maybe. I never once imagined I’d become a programmer. But somehow that’s what happened, even though I studied English Literature, French, and Art. Apparently I had an aptitude for it, and for many years I worked as a programmer and consultant for a large health care organization, helping build a web portal that gave patients online access to their health care professionals and medical records. It was pretty cool.

But in 2014, with two young kids and a husband who just started his own business, I was feeling burned out and uninspired. I needed a break, so I took a leap of faith and quit my job without having another one lined up. My plan was to take the summer off and find a new job in the fall.


Instead of finding a ‘regular’ job, I started designing and building websites – first for my husband’s business, then for other small business owners, artists, and non-profits. I also started working on larger web projects as a contractor at Nordstrom.  

And now here I am, many many websites later. Loving the creativity, flexibility, and variation that comes with this kind of lifestyle; loving this work that uses both sides of my brain.

What I love best of all is meeting and working with amazing people doing incredible things; using my skills to help them be successful in reaching their goals. 

When I’m not building websites or spending time with my family, I make time for some non-digital creativity. I love to screen-print, especially on fabric, so I design and make hand-printed pillows and other home goods. I even built myself an e-commerce store called Suzanne Harrison Home.

And that’s my story. For now at least…

Suzanne Harrison Web Designer and Developer