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Here’s the thing. Often what you truly want for your website, you can’t immediately get due to budget issues. When you’re a small business or start-up, your marketing budget can often be smaller than your vision. That’s why we work together to paint a big beautiful picture, one brush stroke at a time. You get started with a website that you are proud of, while working towards growing and evolving your business.

Early on in my programming career, I worked for a major health care organization helping to build a web portal that gave patients online access to their health care professionals and medical records. It was great. What I loved most about my job was that it was meaningful. I could see the value I was bringing to the patients, doctors, and my community.

Coming from a web development and arts background, I love that I get to use the right and left side of my brain to create something valuable – that connects what you have to offer with the people who need it most.

And that’s what I bring to your online canvas, along with a strategic plan that allows you to understand how all the moving parts come together – from web development, to content and SEO, to social media and email marketing.

As an entrepreneur and freelancer, I work with small businesses, non-profits, and artists to help them thrive online because I truly believe in the work you are giving to the world.

You have the power to influence communities to support local development and the arts. A plan that suits your vision and budget is how to get started.

Suzanne Harrison Web Designer and Developer

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