The Build-Out - Suzanne Harrison, Website Designer

Step 2: The Build-Out

Your website is built in weeks, not months.

How it Works

After learning all about you in your DIG, I’ll execute everything according to your Digital Impact Guide. Then, in just a couple of days together, we’ll collaborate to ensure that your unique brand is expressed in a fully built out website.

Our Objectives

>> Attention

Grab the attention of the clients you want attract.

>> Education

Show them why you’re the best choice.

>> Inspiration

Make them excited to work with you.

What's Included

Depending on the scope defined in your DIG, projects can include:  brand messaging, logo, a responsive website that looks great on all devices and screen sizes, written copy, portfolio, blog, SEO strategy, social media or other integrations, as well as hosting and maintenance – completed by the end of your two-day Build-Out.

Interested in working together?