The DIG - Suzanne Harrison, Website Designer

Step 1: The DIG

Your Digital Impact Guide

You don't need just a website.

You need to make a bigger impact online.

You need to get in front of your best potential customers and make them excited to hire you. And to do that, you need complete clarity. That is your foundation. That is the purpose of the DIG — digging deep, launching forward and creating a marketing foundation with lasting impact.

Backhoe for the DIG

It's time to dig deep.

The DIG is a deep dive interview to uncover the unique power of your brand. We’ll dig deep into your business, your goals and desires, and distill our discoveries into an impactful plan for a new website and new strategies for growth.

You're going to DIG this process.

Customized for You

We’ll dig into the important questions most relevant to your business and discover the opportunities to use your website to reach the audience you’re seeking.

Clear Next Steps

The digital world can be overwhelming. Discover the path to impact with actionable next steps to take it to the next level, with a website and growth plan that stands out.

Industry Experience

You’ll work with an organization with  experience, who understands your business model, your needs, your audience and the challenges in your industry.


Includes the DIG-Deep Interview and your written Digital Impact Guide

The DIG interview typically takes 90-120 minutes. Then we will meet again one week later for an hour (or less) to review and revise as needed.