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Seattle Digital Freelancers is a community of talented digital brand and marketing specialists that meet online to support each other in running our businesses, generating ideas, referring and collaborating on projects, creating lasting connections, and making the web a better place. We meet once a month on the second Wednesday at 9am via Zoom. Scroll to the bottom to join us!

Headlines that Grab Ya!

How do you get noticed, remembered, and talked about? It starts with a great tagline, a great headline, and a great emotional hook. What’s yours? Today was a fun meeting where we looked at headlines submitted by members of the group. We had a great discussion about the difference between a headline and tagline and

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Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be great place for digital freelancers to connect with other business and to create referral opportunities. If you’re considering leveraging LinkedIn, the first thing you need to do is optimize your LinkedIn profile. Today Mary Wu, Your LinkedIn Guru guided us through creating a profile that increases your visibility and leads to more

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Creating a Lead Product Offer to Grow Your Business

A lead product is an offering that allows your clients and prospects to sample your expertise before jumping 100% into your full process. Today we discussed lead products, showed you some examples, and brainstormed ideas for creating your own. One example I shared was my own DIG (Digital Impact Guide.) We also talked about Lead

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Creating Rules to Gain Control of Your Life & Business

Supporting our theme of the year: FREEDOM – more work, in less time, for more money, Randy led a discussion about “Randy’s Rules”, or “Insert Your Name Here‘s Rules”. Because the path to freedom is with rules. Having rules is like having guardrails on a bridge – it’s the quickest and safest way to get

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Branding & Marketing Your Core Service

Today we had some great new members attend and we talked about: How to frame your service as a solution to a DIRE problem. How to develop that into YOUR brand message Are you presenting your core service as a remarkable solution? Because nobody cares about what you do. They care about the problem you

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