Seattle Digital Freelancers Meeting Notes & Resources

Pricing with Confidence

Today we talked about pricing your services: how to set your prices, communicate them confidently, and get paid for the value you provide. Here are some of the highlights: Pick a niche. Define your audience. Be a big fish in a small pond. When you’re that expert in that small pond you can charge more.

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Client acquisition: building sales confidence through mindset and process

Today we discussed how to build your business by getting the best clients; starting with mindset, and developing a process that works. The conversation didn’t focus on getting new clients as much as getting good clients and the awkward pricing conversation and charging hourly vs. project based. Getting good clients comes down to being able

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Overcoming the Obstacles that Limit Your Success

As a digital freelancer it’s a beautiful thing not to have a traditional ‘boss’ – but going it alone can be challenging. That’s where a supportive community comes in. Today we kept the agenda open so we could talk freely about the issues we’re facing, so we can support each other in discovering our own

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Organic Community Marketing

What is community marketing? Community marketing comes in many forms. Today we explored how to organically grow your business by connecting people and purpose in support of your mission. Randy lead a discussion on the philosophy of Community Marketing. He described community as ‘synergy from shared experience’ that unites People, Place, and Purpose. Donna talked

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What makes a good logo? Join us to find out.

How important is a good logo? VERY. Once you’ve done the work of figuring out your brand, it’s time to put together your brand elements, starting with your logo. And it’s not  as easy as you might think. Today, Sonya of KB Design showed us her step by step process for creating logos that truly

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Brand Development Workshop

Your brand isn’t your logo – it’s the promise you make to your customer. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be, and who people perceive you to be. Today’s meeting Scott of SDM Marketing provided an interactive workshop on how to build a brand – before you build that

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One of the best ways of increasing your productivity, improving customer satisfaction, and scaling your business is to create systems. Today we talked about how to do this, and some tools that can help. Matt of ML2 Solutions gave an overview of CRMs and how they can help systemize your business. Randy talked about the

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Client Acquisition

First you have to attract potential clients, then you need to convince them to spend their money on you. There are a million factors involved in the marketing and sales of your products and services, and it can be overwhelming to decide where to best spend your time and money. Today we talked about our

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Business Plans and Strategy

Whether you’re just starting out, pivoting because of Covid, adding new services, or targeting a new audience, it’s good to have a plan and a strategy. Today we talked about Business Plans – what you’ve done for your business and ideas on how to approach them. I shared my presentation on creative a one page

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Sales for Non-Sales People

There are potential clients out there that would appreciate, and benefit from, your services. Finding and delivering value to those clients is a win/win for everyone. The best product/service in the world is worthless (in commercial terms) if no one knows about it. Most of us are not natural sales-people. We have a passion for

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Kicking Off the Seattle Digital Freelancers Group

This was our very first Seattle Digital Freelancers meeting! I explained that these will be monthly meetings, the second Wednesday of every month, generally an hour long, but with 15 minutes padding at the beginning (to chat and resolve technical issues) and at the end for anyone who wants to linger and chat. For this

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