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Seattle Digital Freelancers is a community of talented digital marketing specialists that meet online to support each other in running our businesses, generating ideas, collaborating on projects, creating lasting connections, and making the web a better place. We meet once a month on the second Wednesday at 9am via Zoom. Scroll to the bottom to join us!

Creating a Lead Product Offer to Grow Your Business

A lead product is an offering that allows your clients and prospects to sample your expertise before jumping 100% into your full process. Today we discussed lead products, showed you some examples, and brainstormed ideas for creating your own. One example I shared was my own DIG (Digital Impact Guide.) We also talked about Lead

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Creating Rules to Gain Control of Your Life & Business

Supporting our theme of the year: FREEDOM – more work, in less time, for more money, Randy led a discussion about “Randy’s Rules”, or “Insert Your Name Here‘s Rules”. Because the path to freedom is with rules. Having rules is like having guardrails on a bridge – it’s the quickest and safest way to get

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Branding & Marketing Your Core Service

Today we had some great new members attend and we talked about: How to frame your service as a solution to a DIRE problem. How to develop that into YOUR brand message Are you presenting your core service as a remarkable solution? Because nobody cares about what you do. They care about the problem you

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Theme for 2022: FREEDOM!

Today we revisited the purpose of the group. We looked back on 2021 and talked about where we want to go in 2022. I decided to choose a theme for 2022, which is “Freedom.” What does that mean? For our purposes it means: Do more work in less time for more money. Here are the

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Pricing with Confidence

Today we talked about pricing your services: how to set your prices, communicate them confidently, and get paid for the value you provide. Here are some of the highlights: Pick a niche. Define your audience. Be a big fish in a small pond. When you’re that expert in that small pond you can charge more.

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