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Seattle Digital Freelancers

Meeting Notes & Resources

Seattle Digital Freelancers is a community of professional digital marketers, creators, and brand designers who love being self-employed, but are looking for peer support – to help grow their business, to give and get referrals, and to collaborate on projects.

We gather monthly and stay connected through Discord. Contact me if you’d like to join us!

Business Plans and Strategy

Whether you’re just starting out, pivoting because of Covid, adding new services, or targeting a new audience, it’s good to have a plan and a strategy. Today we talked about Business Plans – what you’ve done for your business and ideas on how to approach them. I shared my presentation on creative a one page

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Sales for Non-Sales People

There are potential clients out there that would appreciate, and benefit from, your services. Finding and delivering value to those clients is a win/win for everyone. The best product/service in the world is worthless (in commercial terms) if no one knows about it. Most of us are not natural sales-people. We have a passion for

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Kicking Off the Seattle Digital Freelancers Group

This was our very first Seattle Digital Freelancers meeting! I explained that these will be monthly meetings, the second Wednesday of every month, generally an hour long, but with 15 minutes padding at the beginning (to chat and resolve technical issues) and at the end for anyone who wants to linger and chat. For this

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