Seattle Digital Freelancers Meeting Notes

Topic for today:

Sales for Non-Sales People

There are potential clients out there that would appreciate, and benefit from, your services. Finding and delivering value to those clients is a win/win for everyone. The best product/service in the world is worthless (in commercial terms) if no one knows about it.

Most of us are not natural sales-people. We have a passion for something else. Today Randy gave a presentation on how you can focus on your passion and still achieve commercial success.

Randy Hayes has decades of experience helping individuals and organizations set, track, and achieve their goals. He has founded companies, executed and guided turnarounds, and worked with both small and large organizations.


Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller was a book I mentioned in today’s meeting:  I am a big believer in his Story approach to creating your brand’s message. And you can get his daily marketing video here:

FYI, here’s a link to today’s Meetup Event

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