Brand Storyboarding: Bring Your Brand to Life!

Brand Storyboarding: Bring Your Brand to Life (+ my first video interview!)

When the value is clear, the decision is easy. 

THIS is a core value of mine and my business. Yet, communicating our values can often be challenging. Earlier last year, I had to face that challenge for myself when I set out to redesign my website.

And, of course, redesigning your website doesn’t just mean a “design”.

There is so much to consider that needs to align with your values and your voice:

  • Development
  • Content
  • Branding
  • SEO

To accessibly communicate all the pieces of your marketing puzzle means getting granular and getting visual.

Your brand story should always be authentic to your core values and your WHY.

Why do you do the work you do sign

When there’s 101 competitors out there, the way to stand out is to stand up by effectively using content and visuals to connect with your audience.

And it’s important to note that your visual story isn’t an add-on, it’s a must.

In my latest pieces on Visual Storytelling, I broke down how to build a memorable brand and how to put all the marketing pieces together (with a worksheet to help you get going!). Sharing bits and pieces of my brand discovery along the way, I wanted to get personal about WHY I chose to integrate illustration into my brand story. 

Ultimately, my goal was to break down the complexities and jargon of digital marketing. Knowing my audience struggles with navigating online growth, I wanted to express how my support can help elevate the online experience while making the information easy to absorb. 

Simplicity is key when communicating online. 

Keep It Simple sign

Your brand messaging needs to be easy to grasp, helping your audience make a decision before moving on to your competitor. And that is where the power of visual communication comes in. For me, illustrations were my answer. 

Still not sure where you stand with your visual story?

Here’s a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Where in the process does communication become muddled? 
  • What are the common questions your audience will ask you?
  • Are there any industry terms or jargon that your audience doesn’t know?
  • How could you help your audience make an informed decision about working with you without 2000 words of copy?

Illustration is how I effectively communicate the often overwhelming world of digital marketing to my audience of entrepreneurs, artists, and impact leaders.

In my journey to discovering my unique visual story, I was introduced to Ingrid Lill.

Ingrid is an illustrator and brand storyboarder that helps entrepreneurs and leaders bring their brand story to life through visual storytelling.

My Brand Storyboard
This is my brand storyboard. Click the image to enlarge.

After connecting with her one-on-one to illustrate my brand story, not only did Ingrid help me bring my content strategy alive through visuals, she also taught me to take the lead on my own illustrations (which you’ll notice in this blog post!).

As I put more and more focus into building my agency network this year, connecting clients to all the resources they need to thrive online, I wanted to introduce Ingrid with an interview about how she took the lead on designing my brand storyboard to inspire you to get started.

In this impactful, 13-minute interview with Ingrid, we cover:

  • Where to get started on piecing together your brand story
  • Why understanding your client’s pain points are crucial to your messaging
  • How to communicate complex business concepts through illustration

Visit Ingrid’s website to learn more about getting clarity on your business, take one of her classes, and learn more about her incredible work.

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