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Here's what you need to know and do

What to Expect

I’m excited to build your new website! The Build-Out process is designed to launch your website in a short amount of time – your time that is! 

In order for the process to go smoothly, I do as much pre-work as possible before our big Build-Out meeting. This means that by the time we get together I’ve thought a lot about your business, and based on your DIG and assets you’ve provided, have developed a plan and built a foundation for an extraordinary website – one that gets you noticed, remembered, and talked about.

It’s important to also know that the Build-Out is collaborative and iterative. We’ll follow an agenda that ensures we cover everything promised. Your feedback is important every step of the way, as we’ll build on each decision made as we move through the process.

Your To Do's

Please fill out this form ASAP so that the project goes smoothly and I can get started right away. You can also send me an email with the answers, if that works better for you.

Build-Out Onboarding Form:

Business Address*
Which social media channels do you use? Please provide links to the ones you have and/or list the ones you would like to set up.
If you use a newsletter service, which one do you use and how are you using it?
Enter the URL of your current website if you have one.
Do you currently have email set up with your business URL? If so, what email addresses are you using for your business? (Like hello@business.com)
Please list, if applicable, any impressive clients, certifications, business memberships, associations, or testimonials that we can use to add credibility to your website (and if you don’t have any that’s OK too!)
If you haven’t already, please provide a few websites or brands that you like, either in your field or not, and tell me what you specifically do and don’t like about them. You can also send this in an email. (Don’t worry, I’m not looking for you to pick a design direction, this is more for me to understand your taste and your definition of design words!)
If you have an existing website, where is the domain name hosted? Do you know your user name and password to access that website?
Please share any other information I might need.
If you have google files or folders you would like to share, please share them with me.
Otherwise I will set up a shared Dropbox folder for you to share photos, headshots, marketing materials, or any other useful information.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.