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Creating Rules to Gain Control of Your Life & Business

Supporting our theme of the year: FREEDOM – more work, in less time, for more money, Randy led a discussion about “Randy’s Rules”, or “Insert Your Name Here‘s Rules”. Because the path to freedom is with rules. Having rules is like having guardrails on a bridge – it’s the quickest and safest way to get from where you are to where you want to be. Here is Randy’s slideshow: The rules you create will support your values, and you’ll keep creating them over time as your business evolves. For instance, I believe that time does not equal value, so I don’t charge an hourly rate. My rule is to only work on projects that I have pre-set prices for. This allows me to set financial goals for the year, and to better manage my time. Next month we’ll talk more about that!

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Our next meeting is on Wednesday, April 13th at 9am. The topic is: Productizing Your Services The details will be posted in the Meetup Event within 2 weeks of the next meeting date. RSVP on Meetup. See ya there!  
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