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Next Steps for Seattle Digital Freelancers

The theme for 2023: Clarity!

We kicked off the meeting with a round of 2022 accomplishments, and I introduced the theme for 2023: Clarity. This starts with being extraordinarily clear on who this group is in terms of purpose, people and place.

First and foremost we are a supportive peer group.

We all want to get really great clients and projects. We all want financial freedom. This group is here to support each other on our similar journeys. This means we are there for each other to listen and provide feedback, to provide accountability, to learn and grow. Peer support will naturally evolve into collaboration and referrals as well.

Big Changes!

Here are some of the changes we decided to make:

  • Starting next month this will be a lunch-time meeting, still on the second Wednesday of the month, but from 12-1pm. (I will let everyone know, send out a Google invite with a zoom link, as well as an email.)
  • We will no longer use Meetup for promotion, scheduling, rsvp’s etc. We may, however, use it for special events, as it’s always nice to have those unexpected awesome people drop in.
  • Bringing new people into the group will be through personal referrals.
  • We’re going to try out Discord to support the group outside of our regular meeting times.
  • We are going to change the format of the meetings (TBD) to have a regular-ish agenda.

Upcoming meetings:

  • Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 8th at from noon until 1pm.
  • We’ll meet on Zoom again and Randy will provide a demonstration of our new Discord server. Yay!
  • We will work on setting up an in-person meeting in March with Adobe to get a demo on their Adobe Express product.

Interested in joining us? Please contact me.

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