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Helping Seattle homeowners transform their outdoor space.

Chris White is a talented and busy landscape architect who’s all about reimagining possibilities for his clients. He helps them design, budget, and build landscapes that make the best use of their space.

Chris had started to build his own site, then came to me to help him build a site that more clearly reflects the great work he does.

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His Value(s)

What makes Chris unique is that he doesn’t just improve on what’s already there, but guides his clients through the steps of making their dream garden a reality. So it was important that his website showcased why he is such a great choice:

Extraordinary Plumage

The Homeowner’s Goals Come First

Chris has experience and education to design and build the perfect outdoor space, but his projects always start with what the client would like to see, then offering options.
Extraordinary Plumage

Helping People See the Big Picture

Chris might get called to fix a specific problem, but likes to have bigger picture conversations with his clients. For instance, rather than just repairing their walkway, why not repair and move their walkway to create better flow through their space?
Extraordinary Plumage

Easy to Work With

Whether it’s a massive backyard overhaul, or a simple repair, Chris treats every project with care, attention and flexibility.

Website Build-Out and Results

A clear reflection of the Chris’s style, process, and value

Chris wasn’t hurting for new business, but he needed an update to make his services and process clear to all who visited his site. Starting with an interview and digging deep with Chris, we re-wrote copy to make it less of a resume of Chris and more catchy and enticing messaging that speaks directly to potential clients about the value he provides.

An easy-to-navigate site with more photos and updated service descriptions

Clients need to visualize themselves in their new gardens. So we made that possible by showcasing his work based on category. They also want to know what to expect. So we explained his process, and why his customers love to work with him, and to refer him.

Chris White Inc Website Projects
Chris White Inc Website Project - Font Yard Renovation

You made it about the client and not me, making it clear how we’re going to help the next person that looks at my website.
– Chris White

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