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The Importance of Online Reviews for your Local Business

As a small business owner do you wonder why you don’t rank better on Google searches? Or show up on the Google map? There could be a lot of reasons, but one reason might be that you don’t have many (or any) online reviews. Not only do reviews help you with your Google rankings, but they …

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Facebook for Business

How to Boost Your Business with Facebook

Can Facebook really help you grow your business? Before I went to the #shemeansbusiness event I didn’t think Facebook would be a good marketing tool for a web designer/developer, but now I can see how there’s a place for every sort of business on Facebook, and I’m excited to get started. So I am writing this article as I go along, documenting each step that I take.


Growing your network with LinkedIn

It seems like everyone is on LinkedIn, but only a handful are truly active there. Is it worth your time and effort to build a LinkedIn presence? Well, it’s easier than you think, and it can be a powerful tool for building your personal brand. Here’s how.

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